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Indications for Generic Levothroid

Levothroid or levothyroxine sodium is a synthetic thyroid hormone which could be given to patients who: have a thyroid gland which is not producing enough hormones; have a goiter or an enlarged thyroid; or are at risk for having a goiter or an enlarged thyroid; have thyroid cancer; and those whose thyroid production is low because of the use certain drugs, radiation, surgery or disease of the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.

Levothroid can also be used for other conditions as directed by your doctor.

Important Information about Generic Levothroid

Levothroid or levothyroxine sodium should be taken regularly and at the same time each day if you are taking it to make up for a lack of natural hormones. If you are prescribed with Levothroid, you may have to take it for the rest of your life.

You should not take Levothroid if you have hypersensitivity to thyroid hormone or if your thyroid gland is producing too much of the thyroid hormone or if you have recently had a heart attack or if your adrenal glands are unable to produce enough corticosteroid hormone.

Although Levothroid can speed up your body’s metabolism, it might not be as effective as weight loss medications and so, it should not be used as such.

Avoid taking Levothroid with appetite-suppressants, as the side effects could be fatal.

Because of the effects that Levothroid can do to the body, make sure to inform your doctor of all medical problems that you have, especially if you have clotting disorders, diabetes, heart disease and adrenal or pituitary gland disorders. Your doctor might also want to know any food or drug allergies that you have.

If you are older or if you suffer from angina, high blood pressure or a heart disease of some sort, your dose might have to be adjusted and your condition might be closely monitored.

Long-term use of Levothroid by post-menopausal women could increase the risk of losing bone density as well as increase the danger of osteoporosis. To reduce the likelihood of bone loss, the doctor would probably prescribe the lowest dosage possible to control the symptoms of thyroid deficiency.

It could take several weeks before you feel that Levothroid is working. Make sure to continue taking it for as long as your doctor has prescribed.

If you need to undergo surgery, inform your surgeon that you are taking Levothroid.

Tell your doctor if you become pregnant while you are taking Levothroid. Your dose may need to be increased.

Do not switch to another brand of levothyroxine without consulting your doctor.

Excessive doses of Levothroid in infants may cause the top of the skull to close too early. In children, overtreatment can stunt growth.

Inform your doctor of any drugs that you are taking as there are some which could interact with Levothroid such as amiodarone, androgens, antacids, blood thinners, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, chloral hydrate, digitalis, diabetes medications, furosemide, estrogen drugs, oral contraceptives, growth hormones, iodide, iron supplements, ketamine, hormone inhibitors, kayexalate, lithium, heroin, methadone, metoclopramide, NSAIDs, Parkinson’s disease medications, immune system dugs, theophylline, tranquilizers and tuberculosis medications.

Avoid eating a diet which is high in fiber, walnuts and in soy-containing supplements.

Before taking Levothroid, inform your doctor if you are pregnant, are planning to become pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Dosage and Administration of Generic Levothroid

Levothroid or levothyroxine sodium can be taken on an empty stomach about an hour or half an hour before eating breakfast. This is because the drug would be absorbed better if taken on an empty stomach.

You may be required by your doctor o come in for regular checkups and tests to make sure that the medication is improving your condition. Never miss any of your appointments.

If you miss a dose, take it as you remember. If the next dose is almost up, you could just skip the dose that you missed and then return to your regular schedule. Never take two doses together. If you miss two or more consecutive doses, call your doctor for specific instructions.

If you overdose on Levothroid, seek emergency medical help right away.

Possible Side Effects of Levothroid

Some of the possible effects which are commonly experienced with the use of Levothroid or levothyroxine sodium would include feeling hot, increased sweating, anxiety, fever, hyperactivity, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, broken or weakened bones, fertility or menstruation problems, tremors, heart palpitations, emotional changes, muscle weakness, hair loss, a rapid heart rate, flushing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, increased appetite, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, abdominal cramps and seizures.

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