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Indications for Generic Differin 0.1%

Differin 0.1% or adapalene is a type of retinoid. It works through normalizing the differentiation of the follicular epithelial cells which results in a decreased formation of microcomedones.

Differin 0.1% is generally prescribed for the treatment of acne vulgaris in patients 12 years and older.

Differin 0.1% can also be used for other conditions and purposes as determined by your doctor.

Important Information about Generic Differin 0.1%

Differin 0.1% should not be used if you have an allergy to adapalene.

Make sure to inform your doctor if you are using any other topical products like medicated or abrasive cleansers or soaps, drying soaps, products which contain sulfur, salicylic acid or resorcinol, as these could interact with Differin 0.1%.

Differin 0.1% belongs to the FDA pregnancy category C, which means that its effects on a developing baby have not yet adequately been studied. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, are trying to get pregnant or are breastfeeding before using Differin 0.1%.

When using Differin 0.1%, it is important to avoid exposure to sunlight or to artificial light. If exposure is necessary, you need to wear sunscreen and wear protective clothing.

Avoid getting into your mouth, lips, nose, eyes and other mucous membranes. Avoid applying on open wounds and injuries.

You may feel some warmth and tingling after each application. This is normal and it should go away on its own. Your acne may also seem to worsen in the first weeks of therapy. This should not be too much of a concern. With continued use, your acne should improve in a couple of weeks.

You may use moisturizers, except those which contain glycolic acids or alpha-hydroxy acids.

If you start experiencing severe dermal reactions, stop use and contact your doctor right away.

Dosage and Administration of Generic Differin 0.1%

Differin 0.1% or adapalene should only be used as it has been prescribed for you by your physician. Never apply more or use it for longer or more often than what has been recommended.

Typically, a thin film should be applied using the applicator provided once a day, usually in the evening, to the affected area.

Make sure that the affected area is clean and dry first before application.

If irritation occurs, you may have to lessen the amount used or to temporarily stop use. Contact your doctor for specific instructions.

If you overdose on Differin 0.1% or you accidentally ingest it, seek emergency help right away.

Possible Side Effects of Generic Differin 0.1%

Differin 0.1% or adapalene could cause some side effects such as erythema, dryness, scaling, pruritus, skin discomfort, stinging, burning, irritation, sunburn and acne flares.

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