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Indications for Generic Daivonex

Daivonex or calcipotriol is generally prescribed for the treatment of chronic stable plaque type psoriasis vulgaris.

Daivonex is not intended for the treatment of generalised pustular psoriasis, erythrodermic exfoliate psoriasis, severe extensive psoriasis and guttate psoriasis.

Daivonex can also be used for other conditions and purposes as determined by your doctor.

Important Information about Generic Daivonex

You should not use Daivonex if you have an allergy to calcipotriol or to similar medications. Inform your doctor of any drug allergies you have as well as any other topical and oral medications you are taking to make sure that they would not be interacting with Daivonex.

If you have any medical conditions that you are being treated for such as calcium metabolism disorder, inform your doctor right away as you might need to use another medication or have your dose adjusted.

If you are pregnant, are trying to get pregnant, get pregnant during treatment or are breastfeeding, tell your doctor as well.

Avoid exposing the affected areas to sunlight and artificial light. If exposure is necessary, use sunscreen or protective clothing to prevent skin damage.

Dosage and Administration of Generic Daivonex

Daivonex or calcipotriol cream should only be used as it has been prescribed for you by your physician. Never use in a larger amount or for a longer time than recommended.

Daivonex should not be used on the face as it could cause itching and erythema. After using the cream, make sure to wash your hands so that transfer to the face and to other unaffected body areas would be avoided. If facial dermatitis develops, therapy with Daivonex should be discontinued.

Daivonex should also be used carefully in skin folds as natural occlusion could cause irritation. Occlusive dressings such as bandages should also be avoided as it could increase the absorption of the medication.

The maximum dosage of Daivonex is 100 grams of cream every week should not be exceeded, unless otherwise directed by your physician.

It is typically applied topically on the affected area once in the morning and once in the evening. After the initial treatment period, less frequent application might be indicated. Once satisfactory improvement is achieved, the treatment must be discontinued; however, if recurrence is experienced, treatment could be restarted.

If you overdose on Daivonex or you accidentally ingest it, contact your doctor or seek emergency medical help right away.

Possible Side Effects of Generic Daivonex

Some of the side effects which can be experienced with the use of Daivonex or calcipotriol would include erythema, hypercalcemia, eczema, anorexia, cellulitis and dehydration; however, these side effects are rare.

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