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Generic Acticin

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Indications for Generic Acticin

Acticin or permethrin is a medication primarily used for the treatment of scabies and head lice.

Acticin could also be used for other purposes as determined by your physician.

Important Information about Generic Acticin

You should not use Acticin if you have an allergy to permethrin or to chrysanthemum. To make sure that the treatment of scabies or lice is complete and to prevent any incidents or reinfection, make sure to treat your environment with permethrin surface spray as you treat your body.

Make sure that you would be avoiding having sexual or intimate contact with other individuals up until your scabies or lice infection has completely cleared up. Also avoid sharing your hair brushes, hair accessories, combs, hats, bed linens and clothing with other people. Lice and scabies infections are extremely contagious.

Acticin belongs to the FDA pregnancy category B which means that it not expected to harm a developing baby. However, still inform your doctor if you are pregnant, get pregnant during treatment or are breastfeeding a baby.

Never use other topical medications with Acticin without consulting your doctor first. Also inform your doctor of any other drugs you are taking to make sure none of them would be interacting with Acticin.

You should not use Acticin on an infant who is younger than two months, unless otherwise directed by a doctor.

Dosage and Administration of Generic Acticin

Acticin or permethrin should only be used as it has prescribed by your doctor. You should never use it in a larger dose or for a longer time than what has been recommended for you by your doctor.

Acticin should never be taken orally. It should only be applied externally on skin, hair, fabrics and other surfaces. Never apply it on open wounds or cuts.

Before using, make sure that you would be shaking the medication first. Dry the area well before application. Follow the instructions on the label.

Avoid putting this medication in your eyes. If you accidentally do, rinse with water.

Because Acticin is usually applied just once, it is not likely that you would be on a dosing schedule. Make sure to wait at least days before applying the medication again.

If you overdose on Acticin or if you accidentally ingest it, get emergency medical help it.

Possible Side Effects of Generic Acticin

Some of the possible side effects of Acticin or permethrin include a mild skin rash, itching, redness, mild burning, stinging, tingling and numbness on the area where it was applied.

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