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Indications for Generic Danazol

Danazol is a synthetic steroid which works through decreasing the level of some hormones in the body, which in turn reduces the severity and relieves the symptoms of the conditions treated by Danazol.

Danazol is generally prescribed for patients with endometriosis, giant hives and fibrocystic breast disease. It can also be used for other conditions determined by your doctor.

Important Information about Generic Danazol

Make sure to inform your doctor if you have any medical conditions that you are being treated for such as kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, blood clots and congestive heart failure. Your dose may need to be adjusted if you have any of these.

If you have diabetes, your doctor may change your dose as Danazol could affect your blood sugar levels.

Also tell your doctor if you using any drugs like anticoagulants, carbamazepine, cyclosporine and macrolide immunosuppressants to make sure that none of them would be interacting with Danazol.

Before taking Danazol, tell your doctor if you are pregnant, are planning to get pregnant or are nursing. You might not be allowed to take Danazol if any of these apply to you. Make sure to use an effective form of birth control while taking Danazol.

If you are using Danazol for the treatment of fibrocystic breast disease or endometriosis, you need to begin your treatment during your menstruation. If you are using it for endometriosis, you need to take Danazol regularly for three to six months and sometimes, even up to nine months. Follow the specific instructions of your doctor.

Dosage and Administration of Generic Danazol

Danazol should only be used as your doctor has prescribed it for you. Make sure to check your prescription label for the exact dosing instructions.

Each dose of Danazol could be taken with or without meals.

If you miss a dose, you need to take it as soon as you remember. However, if the next dose is almost up, you could just skip the dose that you missed and then go back to the regular dosing schedule. Never double your dose.

It could take up to several months before Danazol can improve your condition. Never stop using Danazil suddenly without consulting your doctor first. Stopping the use of Danazol could just worsen your condition.

Possible Side Effects of Generic Danazol

Some of the side effects which can possibly be experienced with the use of Danazol would include acne, changes in semen volume, changes in menstrual flow, emotional problems, severely oily skin, hair loss, flushing, nervousness, sweating, vaginal dryness and itching, voice changes, reduction in breast size and weight gain.

Danazol could cause dizziness. Avoid driving and doing activities which require alertness until you know the effects of the drug on you.

Avoid drinking alcohol as well to lessen the severity of the side effects of Danazol.

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