Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What payment methods are site accepted by you?
A: We accept international bank wire transfers and credit card orders.

Q: How can you sell your medications for less expensive prices than those sold at the local pharmacy?
A: Our drugs are shipped to use directly from the manufacturers, which causes us to be able to cut out the “middle man.” This in turn passes increased savings onto our valued customers.

Q: How do I place an order online?
A: First you click on “Buy now” and then you will be taken to our Secure Order Form. Please provide all requested contact information, including shipping address. When you are finished, please click on "Make Purchase" and you will be forwarded to the secure page on which you will provide your credit card information. Then, all you need to do is click on the Submit Order button for immediate processing of your payment.

Q: What do you do with my credit card details?
A: Nothing. We do not even keep this information. Also, for your information, all credit card payments are processed by our payment processing partner. Using one of the most advanced and secure payment transactions used online today, and has even received safety certificates from the best-known and most renowned institutions in the world. This is an online e-commerce payment solution which employees the highest levels of security available today. Therefore, you can be assured that your identity is safe with us.

Q: Are my credit card orders placed with you over the Internet safe?
A: Yes, we use a payment transaction solution that involves the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This is a system of encryption which keeps all your credit card a secret. Therefore, any information passed between your computer and our processor cannot be read by anyone else. This SSL payment transaction technology virtually eliminates credit card fraud and drastically reduces chances of identity theft.

Q: How ‘secret’ is our information really? What level of encryption is used to hide our credit card numbers/payment information?
A: Each order is process while using a 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) level encryption, which is one of the most advanced order payment processing solutions used today. Any information sent over the Internet using is highly secretive payment transaction system is translated into a virtually unbreakable code before it is sent to us. No one then can intercept and decipher credit card numbers, names, addresses, date of birth, or any other personal billing information.

Q: What type of packaging will my order arrive in?
A: First of all, your privacy is our number one concern. Therefore, every order you place is delivered to you in a plain-colored envelope which reveals nothing about the contents.

Q: What is the cost of delivery?
A: Our primary shipping methods include as follows:

Registrated International Airmail
Shipping cost: Free
Delivery time: 14-24 days
Available: All countries

EMS Express
Shipping cost: $40.00USD
Delivery time: 5-9 business days
Available: Most countries except Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy and Canada

UK Shipping (Royal Mail)
Shipping cost: $60.00USD
Delivery time: 3-5 business days
Available for customers from the UK

EU Shipping (Deutsche Post)
Shipping cost: $50.00USD
Delivery time: 4-12 business days
Available for customers from The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Norway and Portugal.

Each package we send is labeled with a tracking number. All shipments are guaranteed in the case of loss or damage. We always provide a reshipment free of charge to you in the rare case you are unsatisfied with your order.

Q: Why have I not yet received my order?
A: Before contacting Genericeumeds about an order which has not been delivered, please check your email and spam box to ensure we have been able to charge your card. If your card could not be authorised, you should have an email advising you of this. Many customers simply ignore the transaction declined e-mails our system generates if your card cannot be authorized. If we have successfully charged your card, please allow the standard delivery times quoted. If your items have not been delivered, please contact your local Post Office first as often, the postmen do not leave cards for items which cannot be delivered. Many times, they are just waiting there for you to collect. If they are not waiting there, please contact us. On very rare occasion, an order will be lost* in shipping or seized by customs. In such cases, we always reship the order free of charge.

*If you have not received your order until 5 weeks and tracking show no results, we will classify it as being lost. After a brief investigation and a check of your address, we will then issue a replacement to you.

Important note: It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is completely accurate. will not accept responsibility for orders which go missing as a result of incorrect address information.

Q: Where are you Located?
A: Our main office is located in Belize.

Q: Is there any difference between generic and brand name drugs?
A: Not really. Usually the only differences between the two is name and price. Generic drugs are usually much less expensive because manufacturers are not required to duplicate original medical safety and efficiency studies. As a result, production costs of generic versions of medications are greatly reduced.

Q: Why are generic drugs cheaper than brand name ones?
A: They are less expensive because of the fact that they are sold after the brand name FDA patent has expired. This can be explained very easily if you need further information about the U.S. government patent system. Explanation of patent process: When medications are first introduced, most new drugs are issued a government patent which lasts 17 years. During this time, no other company except for the one holding the patent can sell the drug. However, once this patent is expired a particular drug company no longer has exclusive rights to the formula used to make a specific medication. Therefore, upon expiration of brand name products, competing companies can often sell the drug for 50 percent to 80 percent less than the cost of the original. All aspects of production are usually less expensive for generic versions of drugs.

Q: Are generic drugs just as reliable and of high quality as brand name ones?
A: Yes, to be considered "bioequivalent / therapeutically equivalent" to a medication that was formerly sold under a brand name, that generic drug must be made with the same identical active chemical compounds. Furthermore, the generic equivalent must also require the same quantity and speed of absorption of the active ingredients present in it. However, this does not mean that the color or shape from a generic drug counterpart is always the same as the original brand name. These minor differences have no effect on the way each of these drugs work.

Q: What are the standards used in the process of manufacturing generic drugs?
A: The standards used in the production of generic medications is just as high as those used to create brand name drugs. In both cases, medicines products must pass stringent and regular inspections facilitated by qualified authorities. In fact, many producers of brand name drugs also make drugs sold under generic labels. The exact reverse is also true.

Q: Do you have a formal cancellation policy?
A: Yes, and we try to make cancellation as simple as possible. If you have just placed an order that has not been yet been processed, you can cancel it by e-mail. However, we cannot accept order cancellations once the order has already shipped to you.

Any credit card chargebacks or payment transaction disputes that take place without communication with us first will be treated as fraudulent. Any details, including original order form, Terms and Conditions, username, IP addresses and access logs bearing members IP addresses and/or e-mail addresses and username will be forwarded to the issuing credit card company’s Fraud Division. Furthermore, most likely in this case the FBI Credit Card Fraud Division will be notified as well. Furthermore, all credit reference agencies may be queried in order to learn about a member’s credit card payment history. Credit Card Fraud is a serious crime and will not be tolerated.

Q: What if I have another question that is not answered here?
A: We welcome all questions asked by our customers and visitors. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have.