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Indications for Generic Prednisone

Prednisone belongs to a group of drugs which are known as corticosteroids. It works through preventing the release of various substances into the body which cause inflammation.

Prednisone is generally prescribed for the treatment of a variety of conditions such as skin diseases, allergies, arthritis, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, lupus and breathing disorders such as emphysema. It can also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

Important Information about Generic Prednisone

Prednisone should not be used if you have an allergy to any of its ingredients or if you have any type of fungal infection.

Before starting treatment with prednisone, make sure to tell your doctor about any drug allergies that you have as well as any drugs that you are taking. There are some medications which could interact with prednisone including aspirin, diuretics, blood thinners, cyclosporine, insulin, diabetes medications, ketaconazole, rifampin and seizure medications.

There are also some special medical conditions which could be affected by the intake of prednisone which is why it is important to inform your doctor especially if you have: liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, a thyroid disorder, osteoporosis, a history of malaria, a muscle disorder, tuberculosis, herpes in the eyes, glaucoma, stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, depression, congestive heart failure, mental illness and high blood pressure.

Your prednisone dose may need to be changed or adjusted if you have any illness or if you contract an infection or have a surgery or a medical emergency. Make sure to inform your doctor if you have or undergo any type of medical situation.

Taking prednisone could weaken the immune system, which could make it easier for you to catch an infection. Make sure that you tell your doctor of any infection you have or have had. Also, avoid going near people who are ill or have an infection.

Avoid having a “live” vaccine while taking prednisone as it may not be as effective.

Never stop taking prednisone as you may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Consult your doctor first before stopping treatment with prednisone. Also make sure that you have an ID with you that says you are taking prednisone (or a steroid) to help in case of an emergency.

Prednisone belongs to the FDA pregnancy category C, which means that its effects to a developing baby are not yet known. Before taking it, inform your doctor if you are trying to get pregnant, are already pregnant or are nursing a baby.

Dosage and Administration of Generic Prednisone

Prednisone should be taken exactly as it has been prescribed by your doctor. Never take it in a larger or a smaller amount or for a longer or shorter period of time. Follow the prescription label at all times.

Your dose may occasionally be changed to ensure that you are getting the best results from the medication. It may also be changed if you undergo a great deal of stress or if you get sick with an infection or if you have surgery.

If you are taking the liquid form of prednisone, make sure that you are using a special dose-measuring device and not just a regular spoon. If you do not have one, see if you can get one from your pharmacist.

If you miss a dose of prednisone, contact your doctor for specific instructions.

In the event of an overdose, seek medical help right away.

Possible Side Effects of Generic Prednisone

Some of the side effects which you might experience while taking prednisone would include insomnia and other sleep problems, mood changes, thinning skin, acne, dry skin, bruising and discoloration, slower wound healing, headache, dizziness, increased sweating, a spinning sensation, bloating, stomach pain, nausea and changes in the shape and location of body fat.

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