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ED Trial Pack

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ED Trial Pack

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Indications for the Generic ED Trial Pack

The ED Trial Pack is made up of three medications: Generic Viagra 50mg x 8 pills, Generic Cialis 20mg x 8 pills and Generic Levitra 20mg x 8 pills

It works through relaxing the blood vessels which are in the penile area, increasing the amount of blood which goes to the penis. This helps the patient achieve as well as maintain an erection.

The ED Trial Pack is generally prescribed for male patients who are suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction or impotence.

The ED Trial Pack can also be used for other conditions determined by your doctor.

Important Information about the Generic ED Trial Pack

Make sure that before taking any of the medications in the ED Trial Pack, you would be telling your doctor if you are being treated for any medical condition, particularly if you have heart disease, liver disease and kidney disease.

If you are taking other drugs, also tell your doctor because there are some which could possibly interact with the drugs included in the ED Trial Pack.

You should not use the ED Trial Pack if you have an allergy to tadalafil, sildenafil or vardenafil. Inform your doctor of any other drug allergies that you have.

ED medications should not be taken by anyone below 18 years old, unless otherwise directed by a doctor.

Avoid taking alcohol while taking any drug in the ED Trial Pack as alcohol could interact with some of the ingredients in the drugs, causing undesirable side effects.

Only consume one drug at a time. Never combine them or use two drugs together as doing so could cause harmful side effects.

Dosage and Administration of the Generic ED Trial Pack

Make sure that you would only be taking the drugs in the ED Trial Pack as your doctor has prescribed for you. Never consume them in a larger dose or for a longer time than what has been advised for you.

Because ED medications are usually taken on as-needed basis, you might not be on a dosing schedule. You could take a drug around half an hour to a few hours before engaging in sexual stimulation.

If you use too much of the drugs in the ED Trial Pack, seek emergency help immediately.

Possible Side Effects of the Generic ED Trial Pack

Some of the side effects which are commonly associated with the use of the drugs in the ED Trial Pack would include nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, back pain, headaches and a stuffy or a runny nose. These are usually only temporary and should disappear on their own. However, if they do not or if they worsen, contact your doctor right away. If you experience more serious side effects, seek emergency medical help at once.

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