Affiliate program

Are you looking for a way to improve your financial situation? 
Then start investing your money in the right places. You can make money while participating in a business venture that cares about its customers and affiliates.
Are you feeling trapped financially and perhaps have already reached the limit on how much salary you can earn while you work your present position? Join our affiliate program now so you can start earning higher commissions that you ever dreamed could be possible. Our company has an outstanding customer support network who tracks every order. Our representatives also follow up with each customer, to make sure they are completely satisfied with all items orders. We have a large selection of products for sale that offered for unbelievable low prices and low conversion rates. 

Highest commissions in the industry.
Per Sale Payout: You can make up to 25% of all sales plus an additional 30% of each sale generated by your Level 2 affiliates.

Why you Should Become an Affiliate:

  • We have one of the best reputations in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • We provide powerful tracking and analysis tools with real time stats.
  • Our sales conversion rates are very high.
  • Our product pricing is very competitive-lowest prices offered for popular brand and generic ED products. As a result, we offer an matchless conversion rate
  • Our generous volume discounts which allow our customers to buy more medicine.
  • We offer a 5% discount on all reorders, and only for refills. This gives you an opportunity to earn from repeat customers.
  • We offer the largest selection of products available for sale, including popular brand name or equivalent medicines.
  • The commission you earn will be paid out promptly. We have no holding period, so prepare to receive your money fast.
  • Payouts are scheduled weekly and are distributed in a variety of forms, including wire transfers.
  • Extraordinary customer service
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Fast and accurate automated fulfilment and distribution of orders

Real Time Statistics And Reports Available.
You can visit your Member Area 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance. You can also evaluate the performance of your banner ads. Conversion performance can also be tested by creating your own custom links..

Instant Account Approval
Your account is automatically approved.  You can make money with us in a matter of minutes.

Unlimited Money-Making Potential
As you promote your Level Two affiliates to other webmasters, your opportunity to earn is limitless.   An additional 30% of each sale generated by your Level Two affiliates will be paid to you.

Signup Bonus
You even receive $10.00 from use just for signing up.

Affiliate Program Details
Commission Type    Per Sale Payout: You can make up to 25% of all sales plus an additional 30% of each sale generated by your Level 2 affiliates.
Initial Deposit    Receive $10.00 - Just for signing up.
Payout Threshold    Payout will be processed after a minimum of $100.00 has been accumulated in your affiliate account.
Payout Frequency    Payments are once a week.